Acrylic Household

Make your “House” feel like “Home” with our Custom Acrylic Housewares Products

Every house is just a building of empty walls until it gets a touch of personalization. Convert your house into a beautiful home with custom made housewares acrylics made by AP Acrylics Co.

We take utmost care of our customer’s need, even the ones they might not even realize until pointed out. For instance, our products are excellently finished and smoothened around the edges to protect the members from getting unforeseen sharp cuts. Our products are made “home friendly”.

Our customer base spreads over 30 countries around the world. We have also helped retailers, distributors and individuals expand their business.
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A-Class Acrylic Material

It is said that a good quality raw material make a good end product but A- Class quality raw material makes a premium end product. We are a proud holder of A-Class Acrylic Material Certification.

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