Acrylic Accessories

Keep it Visibly Organized

We offer a wide range of customized acrylic accessories for your daily items as well as the most delicate occasionally used items. Organize your stuff in a completely protected and elegant manner. Our products are highly creative, compact and utility based, made using smart organizing techniques. From your table top, bathroom, wardrobe to dressing area, our customized acrylic accessories can add charm to any spot while keeping your precious stuff secured and organized.

  • Acrylic Stationery
  • Eyelash Accessories
  • Other Acrylic items

As a leading Acrylic box manufacturer, AP Acrylic has exported to over 30 countries in the past years.


A-Class Acrylic Material vouches for our quality service!

The quality of the product depends very widely on the quality of material being used, and to ensure the same we use 100% PMMA and a complete material supply chain (which offers varied color and thickness, depending upon the demand of the product). These keen features add up in making AP Acrylic stand out of the crowd and provide a cutthroat edge over competitors and make it a certified working organization.

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