Our capabilities extend beyond your imagination. We specialize in making anything and everything acrylic. All you need to do is just tell us your requirements and we are on it.

What can we do for you?

We are aware of the unique materialization of acrylics and how difficult it is to create a custom design that not only is visible but the one that stands out. Fortunately, with our cutting edge technology, we not only create the best acrylics in terms of quality, durability, etc. We also provide you with the option to get your products customized in terms of Product shape, function, color, packaging and other related parts.


When it comes to designs, AP Acrylic is best at displaying creativity by converting your ideas and requirements into
beautiful product designs. Get the best designs from our
skilled designers.

UV Print

Our top notch UV print mechanism can make any of your product turninto bright, colorful, and crisp. Get your desired logo, label, name, small art and more printed in multiple colors on your products and make it look pretty and professional.

Combinate Material

When it comes to acrylic products, we go beyond acrylics by combining metal, woods, plastic, fabricates etc. to come up with the products that complements the nature of acrylics to achieve desired effects, meet customers’ customized requirements and enhance the product’s beauty.


Not only do we ensure that you receive your product intact with our cutting edge packaging methods but we also take
your custom packaging requirements to provide an impeccable protection and satisfaction

Our Unique and Effective Techniques



Engraving is one of the most common customization requests we receive at all time. We understand the possible sentimental value of an engraving. So we ensure to use Laser cutting machines and CNC engraving & milling machines.

Technology alone cannot create engraving, it requires the steady hands of an experienced, which our employees are gifted with. This allows us to create different engravings that include: embossing, flat carving, openwork carving and thicker acrylic sheet cutting.

Product Effect



Even the best quality acrylics can be converted into something more personal yet professional by printing a design artwork or the logo of your organization. This can help in brand awareness and enhance the brand image by making a remarkable impression in customers’ minds while acting as a subtle advertisement effort.

Heat Bending

Acrylics by nature can become hard and rigid very quickly. Therefore, in order to give them a bending shape or a curve, we make use of “Heat Bending” Techniques while taking utmost care to prevent possibilities of breaking and scratching.



Polishing acrylic is where the secret lies because that’s where the shine is! Based on the designs and the requirement of acrylic, different methods are used for polishing such as.

Diamond Polishing:Is the fastest and simplest way to polish acrylic edges that results from the cutting process.

Flame polishing: is a more efficient way for surface edge polishing. It compliments cloth polishing very well as it can deal with smaller areas of acrylics easily.

Cloth polishing: provides the best surface outlook, smoother than that from diamond and flame polishing. However, it requires the highest level of expertise and sophistication.


Unlike other materials, Acrylic products are made with tons of acrylic sheets glued together when the acrylic is between 45 degrees and 90 degrees. Not leaving a glue mark or bubbles is very crucial and requires the expertise that we hold.


This is the part where we say, it is all well if it ends well. To ensure the intactness of the product quality, the process of packaging is very important. To give the packaging a personalized touch too, we create customized packaging according to your or the acrylic’s requirement.

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