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The Factory Story

“We are not all about Sales. We are here to understand and provide you exactly what you are looking for”

Acrylics is a very niche industry, which has always given companies hard time connecting with their direct customers. That is why AP Acrylics Co. focuses majorly on giving our customers the best services both pre and post sales through our specialized custom-made acrylic products.

With a decade of experience in the industry, we understand the concerns of our consumers and their unfamiliarity with the acrylic industry and production procedures. A P Acrylic aims to deliver not just the customized acrylic products but also a promise of transparency, support, and satisfaction of a fulfilled expectation.
AP Acrylic Co Ltd is a leading manufacturer of custom acrylic products with more than 10 years of experience. Our main products include acrylic display stands, acrylic awards, acrylic trophy, acrylic block, acrylic photo frames, acrylic case/box, acrylic household items, acrylic furniture and more.

To go about delivering exactly what our clients are looking for, we have implemented a complete set of step-by-step procedures that includes design, sampling, production, transportation and after-sales, which are all managed under specialized teams.

Since its inception, we ensure keeping our customers’ minds at ease by providing the best solutions to their requirements. Efficient Communication is the foundation of our services and we hold the expertise in that. We are committed to providing customer satisfaction by maximizing their profits and saving their time with our top-notch products and solutions.

Dedication & Craftsmanship

We believe our industry dedication and craftsmanship are the cores for manufacturing to ensure the high quality products for customers. For each project, our team inspects whether every item is in accordance with the specification provided, making sure every detail is perfect.

Our Facility

AP Acrylic possesses a magnificent facility with cutting-edge machinery and equipment that meets the modern era technology standards to ensure flawless and smooth processes at all stages of production. Our advanced machinery range include cutting machine, CNC, laser engraving machine, diamond polishing machine, trimming machine, screen printing machine, UV printer, oven, hot bending machine and more to fulfil even the atomic customization requirements of our customers. Our treasure extends beyond our technical capacities, as we have a pool of talented and experienced team of Designers, engineers, sales and after-sales service teams and skilled workers, who have a deeper understanding of the acrylic industries and deep rooted years of knowledge. By and Large, A P Acrylic is well equipped with talent and technology to meet the exact needs of our customers and ensure satisfaction.

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